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About Us


Wise Owl Quilting is owned by Sandra Bentley and is situated at 25 Montana Drive, Pyes Pa, Tauranga in the sunny Bay of Plenty in New Zealand.

Wise Owl Quilting has developed out of my original quilting business called Quilt Crazy which I established in 2002 as a long arm machine quilting service.

I have used a Gammill Classic stitch regulated machine since opening the business. In 2008 I added the Statler Stitcher computerized system to my machine. Since that time demand for my machine quilting service has grown continuously.

In 2005, I attended the Australasian Machine Quilters Conference at Mittagong, Australia where I took classes with tutors from Australia and America. In 2012 I traveled to America to attend the Statler Stitcher conference with many world renowned quilting tutors. I also visited the factory to see where the Statler Stitchers are built. Meeting Paul Statler the inventor of this machine was a highlight for me. Prior to attending the conference we embarked on a 10 day road trip through the American mid-west visiting many quilt related sites such as The National Quilt Museum in Puducha, Kentucky, the International Quilt Study Centre in Lincoln, Nebraska and the Quilters Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana.

I have exhibited several of my quilts at the Machine Quilters Conference in Cambridge 2010 and the Aotearoa Quilts Show in Hamilton 2010 (where I won several awards) and I exhibited at the Taupo Quilt Symposium 2013. More recently I have exhibited at the The Great New Zealand Quilt Show in Rotorua 2016 where my quilt was chosen to go on tour around New Zealand for one year! One of my quilts exhibited at Aotearoa Quilters in 2018 was sold to the Cardiac Unit at Christchurch hospital. I have also had one of my art quilt projects placed on display at Tauranga's sister city in Japan in 2019 and again in 2021.

I am also developing my skills in mixed media art work utilising the best of my stitching skills with painting, printing and dying techniques to create more tactile and immersive art work.

Prior to starting my Quilting business I worked in the sewing machine industry for 20 years selling and servicing Elna sewing machines both in London, England and here in New Zealand.

Customer Feedback

Read about what customers thought about the service they received from Wise Owl Quilting.

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for sending the quilts back - they look fantastic as always.

I’ll settle your invoice not this Monday, but the following Monday.

Thanks heaps!

Kind regards,

Christina     7/3/2020


Hi Sandra,

My quilt arrived back on Friday but only got the time to open it today.  You have done a great job!  Thanks you.

Thanks for doing this,

Best wishes,

Bev Le Grice   23/2/2020


All the quilts arrived thank you so much

Always a pleasure to do business with you

You do such a wonderful job


TeRina 18/2/2020


Morning Sandra

The quilt arrived yesterday, it is absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much, really appreciate it


Trish    13/12/19


Received quilts today thank you very much always a wonderful job you do


TeRina    30/10/2019

Hi Sandra

You have outdone yourself the quilt is amazing I love it.  I have already put the binding on and I am delighted with it thank you again

Catherine McClymont  5/7/2019

Hi Sandra,
Received the Quilts yesterday, thanks so much, they have turned out beautifully.  What a fantastic talent you have.
Thanks again. 
Sandra   27/6/2019

Hi Sandra,

Thank you very much for quilting my Snowball quilt, I’m really pleased with how it has turned out.

This afternoon I have worked on the binding and am now doing the hand sewing.


Pat Mc     26/6/2019

Hi Sandra

Thank you for quilting my boys quilt I love the design. I have just paid.

Hope all is well with you and your family


Betty    14/2/2019 

Hi Sandra,  as always you have a done a great job on my quilt,  thank you so much………..

Anne M   12 January 2017

Parcel arrived at lunchtime, thank you. Just right for my project, so glad I got you to send a sample as there appears to be quite a difference colour and quality wise in later batches

Thank you for great service

Regards, Sheila S   11 December 2016

Hi Sandra my quilt has just arrived and I couldn't be more pleased with it, just perfect and all trimmed for me. I absolutely procrastinated on making this as quilt making is not my first love and they have just painted her room pink and purple so how the colours will sit I'm not sure.

We have no power here in Gisborne since 9am and they are talking it will be out till tomorrow night...just when I can't wait to bind it ????

So thank you so much I will be sure to put photos on Instagram with thanks to you.

 Glenis     12 December 2016

Hi Sandra
I am so sorry.  I have not got back to you concerning the lovely work that you put into finishing my quilts.
I had replied to say thank you but it sat in my drafts folder with out me realising it.
The quilts are just fantastic. Thanks so much for your time and expertise.  Job well done.
So thanks again and have a great Christmas.

Sandra N    7 December 2016


 Thanks yippee

 I have some more quilts on the go but they are not presents so will get those to you at a later date

 Thank you so much for all the beautiful work you have done for me

 A very merry Christmas to you and your family as well I hope you take a well deserved break


 Te Rina     1 December 2016

Hi Sandra

 Quilts arrived back yesterday, You are absolutely FAB J  Thank you so much really appreciate your speed. 

We will be binding tonight to get it finished to return to Oz next week.


 Trish    16 November 2016

Hi quilt arrived today. It looks great thanks. Will transfer money into your account tonight.

 Thanks again

 Anna     16 September 2016

Good morning

 Received the quilt and now binding it.

 Looking great, I am really excited to show it at my next quilt meeting.

 Have a great day

 Janine P    25 July 2016

Hi there.

 You have been recommended by Patchwork Passion inAucklandon one of my weekend visits up there.

 I live here in Tauranga and thought that it might be easier to arrange a time that I could bring my quilt to you to discuss quilting processes.

 If this is suitable to you, could you suggest a time/date and we could catch up that way.

 Thanks Jeni    8 July 2016

Hello Sandra,

 The image you sent shows a very powerful rendering of my original artwork and I am amazed at the skill and neatness of your workmanship (or should I say workwomanship these days!).

The extension of the borders suit the composition very well and the stronger colours give it bags of impact. I am so pleased that our little collaboration has produced such a good result.

I don`t know how many entries there were, but to be in the top 20 can`t be bad. And now it is included in a 12 month tour of the country. Amazing!

 I also like your choice of title, “Kaleidoscope Scramble” – I wonder how many folks (mostly older I guess) will recognise the aircraft as a pair of deadly WW2 German Messerschmitt 109-E (Hence, Emil Emil) fighters, the type that put so much pressure on the RAF during the Battle of Britain in 1940 when I was merely a 4 year old brat ………………..

Again, my congratulations! 


Peter N    25 May 2016

Good morning
Received the quilt and now binding it.
Looking great. I am really excited to show it at my next quilt meeting.
Have a great day
Janine 25 July 2016

Tina 12 July 2016

Hi Sandra,
I have put the payment in tonight as very happy. Can't thank u enough.
Regards Denise 26 June 2016

Hi Sandra,
The quilts arrived safely. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with them. 
I love the backing fabrics you used, they are perfect. 
The quilts are beautiful now and I'm delighted with the work you have done on them. 
It is hard to choose between them for my nephews wedding present. 
Thanks again for getting them back to me in time.
Kind regards Coral 28 Jan 2016

Hi there
Quilts arrived thanks so much they look fabulous
I have some more quilts for you to do will post them off next week no rush on these ones
Thanks so much
Te Rina 9 Dec 2015 

Hi Sandra, I just received the quilt back – thank you so much, it looks amazing!

Thanks again Denice 19 Nov 2015

Hi Sandra
WOW what a lovely job.  The new son-in-law will think it's just terrific. (He better!). 
The space ships were a great idea. Simply marvellous.
Thanks again
Sandra N 12 Nov 2015

Morning Sandra
Many thanks for the quilt. I love it and am sure Karen will to.  
You have given me a different impression of all over quilting and I know I will have it done again when
I do another quilt.
Have sown the binding on and now have the tedious job of hand sowing it down.  
We are off to Whakatane on Tuesday so will deliver it then.
Once again many thanks for a wonderful job.
Dorothy 4 Oct 2015

Hi Sandra. Just got home to find your quilt waiting for me. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job.  I am absolutely thrilled.

Cheers Anna 17 Sep 2015

Hi Sandra,

Quilts arrived safely this morning and as usual you have done a fantastic job. No wonder I keep coming back for more!!!!

Look forward to catching up sometime as I have not seen you for ages.

Heather 18 Aug 2015

Hi Sandra

Just wanted to let you know how delighted we are with the quilt.  You have done a fabulous job and my daughter is thrilled.  She has just called in to collect it and show off to her flatmates!!!!

I look forward to sending the next one down in a couple of months.

best Regards Jill  5 May 2015

Hello Sandra

Glenn arrived home today with Janaye's quilt.

Thanks so much, it is wonderful. I am about to cut the binding so I can get it stitched on and the label done.

I have a couple of ladies who want to do fairy panels up for their granddaughters too, when they see mine they are likely to want to send to you for quilting, so hopefully you will get a bit of business from here!

On with the cutting!

Thanks again Leigh 11 Jan 2015


Just a quick note to say Thank You Soooooooooooooooo Much for another 4 quilts so beautifully done. You put a lot of thought into how you were going to quilt them and I love everything that you have done - they are perfect!!

Heather 21/10/2013

Hi Sandra

I have just opened my parcel and I don't know where to begin to thank you for what you have done, it is just amazing.  I can honestly say you are the best.

I still can't figure out how the quilt arrived at your place and you quilted it so quickly.

I don't think you have charged me enough though as you had to cut loose threads and sew my backing together.

The Grandparents and Parents of the expected baby are going to really love the quilt I can vouch for that.

Thank you so much Sandra.

Kind Regards

Elizabeth 26/11/2013

Hi Sandra,

Just had a phone call from my sister in Tauranga and she just picked up the finished Black and White quilt you were doing for me.

Many Thanks for your beautiful work..I am told I will have a hard time giving it away...I have you to thank for that!!

Annette Bellando 13/10/2013

Hi there,

Wow picked up the sock monkey quilt yesterday from my post office box, thank you so much it looks fantastic. You did a great job on it.


Terina 16/08/2013

Good morning Sandra,

Just got home from work and parcel here waiting.

Thank you very much.

It's awesome. Will get the money deposited over tonight or tomorrow.

Will get my next one on its way to you in the next week.

Have a great week and take care.

Kind Regards.

Shona 2/07/2013