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Wise Owl Quilting

Welcome to Wise Owl Quilting, a Tauranga (NZ) based specialist Long Arm Machine Quilting Service and quilting accessories supplier. Presented in a uniquely themed web site based on my all time favourite bird species, the Owl.

At Wise Owl Quilting I can provide you with a quality Long Arm Machine Quilting service at affordable prices delivered in a timely fashion. I can supply you all the batting and backing fabric you need to make your personal quilt project become an outstanding family heirloom that will take pride of place in anyone’s home.

I also stock a range of quilting accessories and quilted Kiwiana gifts that are "made with love" along with some quirky Owl related gifts that are sure to appeal.

I hope you find my website interesting and helpful. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to complete your quilting project.

If you would like to see what quilts i am working on each day then follow me on Instagram my profile name is - wiseowlquilter.

Sandra Bentley

What's New!

What's new on the website today.

July 22nd 2017

New Dimples Range of Backing Fabric

I have just got into stock some new wide backing fabric with a funky pattern designed by Gail Kessler called Dimples.  Available in three colours (Linen - off white, Grey and Black)

Click Here to view the full range of Dimples wide backing fabric BFNT148_sml.jpg BFNT147_sml.jpg

June 16th 2017

New Willow Range of Backing Fabric

Just arrived in stock a new range of delicate swirling willow pattern wide backing fabrics. These fabrics will add a perfect counter balance to your beautiful new quilt. Available in 3 great colours - yellow, cobalt and Black/Gold. 

Click Here to view the full range of Willow Backer wide backing fabric BFNT145_sml.jpg BFNT146_sml.jpg

May 5th 2017

New Stock of Fiskars Scissors

Just arrived in stock a new Fiskars scissors just what you need for cutting your fabric. Fiskars are famous for being the sharpest in the world. If your scissors are getting worn or the blade is deformed you will damage the fabric and make cutting pieces accurately very difficult. Time to get some replacement scissors!

Click Here to view the full range of Fiskars scissors in stock Fiskars_9960_Fabric_Shear_sml.jpg Fiskars_No8_Scissors_sml.jpg

May 1st 2017

Clearance Sale of Gift Items

I am It is time to move on the remaining Gift Line items on my website so I have heavily reduced the prices of all the Gift items and some of the Kiwiana products as well. So check out the gift page and pick something you know a friend or family member will love to own

Click on the imageclearance_icon.jpgto go to the Gift Page

March 3rd 2017

New Basically Wide Range of Backing Fabric

Just arrived in stock a new range of fabrics from Red Rooster Fabrics called the Basically Wide, collections of 280cm wide prints selected by Helen Stubbings' from her Basically Hugs collection of basics and blenders that are ideal for seamless quilt backs. The Basically Wide 280cm (108") wide prints are ideal for traditional, modern, seasonal, juvenile, novelty, and panel quilts. There's a breezy floral in multi and in blue, graceful spirals in ivory and in beige, pretty pink dots on white, and white dots on soft gray, sweet tone-on-tone pink and tone-on-tone red heart stripes, and Helen's classic woven texture in blue and in navy.

Click Here to view the full range of Red Rooster Basicall Wide range of backing fabric BFTT140sml.jpg BFTT136sml.jpg

February 6th 2017

New Pearl Grid Backing Fabric

Just arrived in stock a new range of Pearl Grid wide backing fabrics. These fabrics designed by Mark Hordyszynski give the effect of a random cross-hatch texture on the reverse side of your new quilt. Available in 5 great colours - white, grey, light blue, tan and black. 

Click Here to view my range of Pearl Grid wide backing fabric BFTT129sml.jpg BFTT131_sml.jpg

August 26th 2016

New Marble Texture Range of Backing Fabric

Just arrived in stock a new range of vibrant marble texture wide backing fabrics. These fabrics will add a new dimension of flowing movement to the reverse side of your new quilt. Available in 3 great colours - grey, cream and pink. 

Click Here to view the full range of Marble Texture wide backing fabric BFTT123_sml.png BFTT124_sml.png

June 18th 2016

LED Light Pad Special Offer

The new LED Light Pads from Triumph are proving to be very popular with quilters and are becoming a regular site and local quilt club and sewing group classes. Their light weight, no heat and adjustable brightness have driven this success. But like all good things we don't want to damage it when travelling. So Triumph have released a range of purpose designed travel bags for their light boxes. They retail for $18 for the A4 size and $20 for the A3 size.

Click here to view the Triumph LED Light boxes available in A3 and A4 size.

Purchase any size light box and get a free Light Box bag ($20 value) to go with your light box




June 17th 2016

New Range of Sewline Products

I am pleased to be stocking a selection from the Sewline range of products that have been designed and developed with significant consultation, advice and testing by a peer group of sewing craft teachers and quilt makers. These products will become the "must have" tools in the toolkit of every quilter. They make the job so much easier and their quality is guaranteed

Click here to view the selection of 7 different Sewline accessories from Glue Pens, Marker Pencils, Erasers and Stain Removers




May 20th 2016

New Article on Choosing Quilting Designs for your quilt

One of the toughest choices a quilter will make is deciding what style of quilting to apply to a patchwork pieced quilt top. The choice of a quilting pattern to sew into the quilt can greatly enhance the overall impact of a quilt. Likewise the wrong choice can detract from the quilt and even not be fit for purpose!

This informative article will help the reader decide what quilting design is right for their quilt. That decision of course will be supplemented by any consultation the quilt maker has when their bring their quilt in for quilting. 

Click on this link to take you to this web article Choosing the Best Quilting Design for your Quilt

New web page called Quilting Patterns

There are many thousands of edge-to-edge pantograph quilting patterns available. Shoosing from them can be bewildering. It has been my experience that many customers end up choosing similar pattrns. This page shows some of the most common patterns chosen by my customers over the past few years. It is not a definitive listing but gaves you some idea of what possible patterns may work with your quilt

Click on this link to go directly to the Quilting Patterns page

January 16th 2016

New Ombre Range of Quilt Fabric

I am now stocking the vibrant and exciting new range of ombre style fabric. For those of you not familiar with the term ombre is the French word for colour that is graduated or shaded in tone. Fabric like this opens up all sorts of possibilities for quilting some dramatic and colourful modern quilt designs. 

Click here to view the selection of 10 different vibrant Ombre fabrics available. This one is titled Ocean




January 2nd 2016

New Customer Quilt Images now available to view

Wow, what a busy year 2015 has been for me. Thanks to the support from all my wonderful customers I have quilted the most quilts in one year since starting my business. Unfortunately time did not allow me to photograph every quilt produced. However I have selected a small range of some that I did manage to record.

Check out my Gallery Page and you will see more awesome quilt images in 2015 Gallery and then more appearing over the coming months in the 2016 Gallery.

I have also started an Instagram account where I post up some of my more informal images of the quilts that I am working on or other items that attracted my interest. Follow me at wiseowlquilting

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much I enjoyed working on them. And Thank you to all those customers that have allowed me to put photos of their wonderful work on my website.